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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You are invited to a picnic in Maine.......SURPRISE it is a wedding!!

What can be more fun that getting invited to a backyard picnic on a lovely day in Maine???   How about a SURPRISE wedding!  That's right, none of the guests would have suspected.  They were so busy trying to decide what they would cook to bring and share, that the thought of a wedding never entered their mind.  How fun is that?

Michelle and Doug wanted to have a wedding with a few of their closest friends and family, they wanted them to be relaxed and they wanted everyone to have a good time.  When the guests arrived, they were enjoying the food and fun, and Rev. Heather just showed up and mingled with the gang as a "friend" of the couple.  At the appointed time, Rev. Heather called the group to come over to a pretty tree, the location that Doug and Michelle had chosen to say their vows.

Once the guests came to the appointed area, they were still bewildered, then all of a sudden, they realized that Heather was a minister, and in fact, there was going to be a wedding! 

Rev. Heather said,"  I went to the appointed place and called everyone to gather around - the Bride's father is half way through his chmeo for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He has always been the support of his family . Her parents lit right up when they found out it was a wedding and the father of the bride cried. (Mother of the bride tries valiantly not to, but was only marginally successful). It was a huge surprise to the guests and the looks on their faces was priceless. A collective jaw drop straight to the grass. Both bride and groom were beaming and everyone was very happy."

Great job keeping the surprise!  I wish the new Mr. & Mrs. Long and their family a lifetime of happiness.   

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Photography by Lauren Halvorson - Gabe and Jon Point Lookout Resort in Maine

WOW! I had the privilege to meet Lauren Halvorson at the wedding Gabe and Jon at Point Lookout Resort in Maine.  Then, I saw her first look photos from the wedding.  What an incredible photographer that can capture the essence of the day.    I can't wait to see more!!!

Photography by:  Lauren Halvorson Photography
Phone 978-735-0243
email: :KHphotography@live.com

The Music of Jaw Gems from Portland, Maine

At the recent wedding of Gabrielle and Jon, I had the pleasure to meet and listen to the music of Jaw Gems.  Their friendly style and mellow music was enjoyable to all in attendance.  They provided the music for guests arriving, the music for the bride and her wedding party, and the processional, and then continued with the cocktail hour and evening events.    I enjoyed them, and want to invite you to check them out when they are in Portland.  They play every Tuesday night at Local 188 at 685 Congress St. Portland, ME and every 4th Thursday night at Sonny’s at 83 Exchange St. Portland, ME.  I hope to get to see them again sometime soon.  Check them out!

Real Wedding - Point Lookout in Maine Gabrielle and Jon

The rains threatened for the rehearsal, and the wedding day didn't appear to be much better.  The location, Point Lookout in Linconville, Maine is situated on the top of a hill with a view of the Camden Hills State park and a magnificent view of Penobscot Bay.  The acerage of the resort covers a wide area of trails, and also waterfont.  The view is breathtaking.  Even with the clouds overcast and the rain threatening, the view was still quite spectacular! 

Gabrielle and Jon and their families endured the chill and a bit of mist to witness their most beautiful bride and handsome groom exchange their vows.  There was not a dry eye to be had.  Their vows were meaningful, and spoken from the heart. 

Gabrielle was stunning.......that is the only word I can come up with, her gown just took my breath away, and it did for her groom too!    It was such a pleasure to work with a couple so kind, caring, and so in love.  They and their friends and beautiful family enjoyed the resort, and all of it's ammenities, no matter what the weather held. 

I was honored to work with them.  The staff of the facility was so accomodating, and was available to the couple and their guests every step of the way.  

The music for the ceremony was provided by  Jaw Gems of Portland and provided a great variety of music for not only the ceremony but the cocktail hour and reception.

Congratulations Gabrielle and Jon!  All our best for a lifetime of happiness. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rheba Sutton White Chapel Real Wedding Keisha and Kevin

If you have never had the chance to see the Rheba Sutton Chapel in Palm Harbor, you should make it a point to visit.  The location is perfect for a wedding and reception.  Janice is a fantastic coordinator and keeps everything moving smoothly!
Keisha and Kevin decided to tie the knot in the Chapel with Rev. David Bishop of LovingUnity.com officiating. 

Keisha and Kevin have been together for quite a few years, and have been the parents of Kingston their dog and Kiki the calico cat! 

Kevin had some Celtic roots thus the couple decided to take part in the Oathing Stone Ritual to seal their vows in stone. 

They shared their own personal vows which brought a tear to everyone present.  

Congratulations Keisha and Kevin!  Best wishes for love and happiness

Real Wedding USF Botanical Garden Wedding Tanisha and Chad

Tanisha and Chad sealed their vows at the USF Botanical Gardens in Tampa, amidst magnificent flowers, in a garden full of natural beauty. 

The sweet scents and colors of the flowers and plants made their venue majestic!    The ceremony was held with a ribbon backdrop in the gazebo.  The couple was serenaded by the bride's dad and cousin with a song written especially for this occasion. 

Tanisha and Chad shared in a tree ceremony.  They were gifted with a lovely young tree, which they added soil and water.  The tree represents the roots that are the basis of their married life going forward.  As with the watering of the tree, they promise to continue to feed and nourish their
marriage each and every day.  The tree will grow strong and sturdy as will their love. 

Congratulations Tanisha and Chad, may your life be good, healthy and long upon this earth.  May you both be truly blessed forever!  It was an honor to work with you
Wedding Officiant:  Rev. Virginia Bishop, LovingUnity.com

Friday, April 26, 2013

How Romantic!!! Renew Your Vows

Today I am working on a beautiful renewal of vows for a lovely couple who have been together for 50Years!  That's right.....50!!!   How magnificent is that, and surely cause for a great celebration.  This couple married not knowing what the future would bring, nor which direction their lives would go.  I am sure there were some rough patches and some times when they were tired, but they understood the word commitment, and they understood the seriousness of their vows. 

I am in awe of such couples, and I am so honored when we are able to share in another beautiful and meaningful ceremony as they recommit their lives and love to each other again.

Alot of couples say, I don't want to bother with that, we're too old for that!  No way!  I believe this again is a chance to be proud of this milestone and demonstrate to us younger folks what it means to stay committed forever. 

There are many rituals that can be used in a Vow Renewal ceremony.  Of course, it would be great if the couple could use the same words they said to each other at that time, but, they may also want to create new words, words that review their years together. 

The couple can use the rose exchange ritual, which is a symbolic exchange of a single rose to each other with a promise that they will always remember their love comes first and foremost. 

Another great ritual for a vow renewal would be using an oathing stone. Perhaps they could have their children design one for the special occasion and the couple could renew their vows with their hand on the oathing stone. 

A blended sand ritual can be very unique if they include their children and grandchildren with the different colors of sand.  It then stays in their homes as a constant reminder of the occasion. 

A tree planting ritual would allow them to select a tree or bush they love, and plant it at their home as a reminder of the roots they planted years ago.   The tree would be nurtured and nourished throughout the years as a reminder. 

Of course, a ring exchange, or some other gift exchange is appealing.

As you can see, this is only a small sampling of rituals that can be used to enhance the renewal of vows ceremony. 

Call me today to start planning your renewal, isn't your commitment one that you should celebrate??


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